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Success is not a Race

Why is it so hard for women to feel successful? We can look at other women and recognize their success, but when it comes to ourselves, why do we feel we always fall short? Hey, I’m only five feet tall, and I know what it is to feel short!!

So, I have a few theories on this. Women historically come from a place where the home was our haven. We cleaned house, we cooked for our men, we took care of our kids…wait…we still do all of these things! But now, we demand equality, and hey, there’s nothing wrong with that, I’m all for it. However, how do we balance home, life, career, and still have time for ourselves, let alone be a (gasp) successful woman?! So here goes…here are my theories:

1- Delegate. Delegate responsibilities, at home AND at work.
2- Organize. Organization is probably more important than delegation. We will discuss organization more another time.
3- Know when to say NO. If it’s out of your realm of responsibility, if it will not benefit you, if it will cut in to your time, just say no. You don’t always have to say it, but understand when it’s better to say no than to say yes.
4- Prioritize- Feeling overwhelmed can be, well, overwhelming.
5- Make a to do list.
6- Feel pretty. Ok…I know how this sounds. But, I find when I feel put together, my hair is done, and my makeup is on point, I feel more confident. Hence, I am more reactive to my state of mind!

There are many more ideas in order to improve our performance, both at home and at work, but these are definitely the biggies. Also, one more thing…believe in yourself. I lacked in this area for a long time, and still do sometimes. I find myself comparing me to other women…WTF?? I’m not another woman, I’ve led a completely different life than those I often compare myself to. I’ve raised kids, I’ve been a stay at home mom and devoted my life to being the best mom I could be. I put the career thing on hold until I felt the time was right, and now, I’m working on a SECOND Master’s degree!! So, my point is, success is not a race. Success is defined in many ways, and my take is, if you are happy and fulfilled, you are a success!


After spending several years in an unfulfilling career, I decided to go back to school (again) for a second Masters degree. So, this is me as I work towards my MS of Pharmacy degree, while balancing self, family, and working on getting a new career off of the ground. ('s not easy).

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