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Husbands, Kids, and Drama

First of all, let me start by saying I have the best husband in the world. I have the best kids in the world…but I also have a lot of drama. My husband works from home (enough said, right?)…and my daughter just left for college on the other side of the state last week, hence, I have taken about a two week sabbatical from writing. Life has been crazy and hectic. We have made countless shopping trips trying to get everything daughter needed to take to school, got there, and guess what? We made yet ANOTHER shopping trip. It was a crazy, emotional time for me and if I am honest, it still is. I miss my baby. I miss seeing her sitting on the sofa in the mornings and asking for hash browns. I miss hearing her favorite tv shows playing in the background, and I miss her laugh. My husband tells me they all have to grow up and move on, but…I wasn’t ready for this. I thought I was, but I wasn’t.

Alas, the world goes on. I will continue to worry about her and will always be her mother. I’ll continue to do worry about her, and to make impromptu trips across the state (yes, I’ve already done that) which drives my husband mad. Already. And in the meantime, my daughter will be making new friends, learning new things, and becoming increasingly independent as she makes her way into adulthood, and I will continue to be one proud mama.

“It’s sad, my daughter going off to college. I know she is ready to go off into the world, but mothers worry.”


After spending several years in an unfulfilling career, I decided to go back to school (again) for a second Masters degree. So, this is me as I work towards my MS of Pharmacy degree, while balancing self, family, and working on getting a new career off of the ground. ('s not easy).

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